During this time I read a lot about the article DLY, DLY Some said how useless, but also how powerful that DLY. 17173 also read recently that "balance Germany's PVP" video, psychology will have much to say them.
DLY each of the three major strengths are really talented, balanced and long-range damage capabilities, wild explosive moment, restore vitality, are quite horrifying. May be due to natural causes, there must strengths weaknesses, and this will certainly not be appropriate to deal with some sort of natural phenomenon in certain occupations or talent, such as how to get to a balanced D to defeat a recovery D?
   To copy the status of theory, I am afraid many people still think that XD is a 2-stream career, two streams ZS, 2 flow of DZ, 2 stream FS, 2 stream MS and so on, talking wow gold about this player, I can only regret to answer you, "Mr. / Ms, I am sorry, you are two streams Players", two streams of Warcraft where there is no job! ! Should be on the restoration, MS has so much sustained recovery skills XD Yao? There XD Yao kind of staying power? There are two instantaneous increase Yao XD? Conversely, XD Power Word Shield to have MS, Mody? Totem can replace QS blessing SM Mody? So, where there is no two streams of Warcraft career, and only the two current players, the treatment volume than others, that is your problem, not as good as others, are also effective treatment for your problem, the contribution of the team than someone that's your problem, he said he 2 Flow career rather start their own hands. As for the Wild D? As long as he was out of the ring, as long as he washed a copy of the output of talent, and I'm telling you, its value is not a weak one with technical equipment of the DZ, I will not speak XD hate to cut their skills, I will not speak after the cat form of hatred of 1.12 reduction in set set Relying on its combat resurrection, activation, and the rings and their own output, its values are fully integrated higher than DZ, of course, when the team does not DZ when its value will be decreased, which is an interactive effect! ! Two persons are interdependent, rather than confrontation! ! Wild D, is entirely possible and restore the value of the value of D, rather. And then on the balance of D, for the month, the fire point of injury 500 + D You can say the balance of old and 2 in the BWL, where the output not as good as FS? On Fire + Spark say its output is not strong? Of course, the value of his team is still not as good as recovery D and wild D.

   More on equipment, since Blizzard has set a wide range of occupations, did not give him a wide range of equipment, this is Blizzard failures, especially in the BWL before the copy. Even if the BWL also has pure wild D, equipment, and even the equipment suitable for pseudo-wild D did not! ! ! This is not a failure? What? Our T1 and T2? T1 fairly so-so, T2 is really a nanny to install Mody? ? Ask T2 benefit me? Back to the blue-effects are a good Mody T1? Zhi-resistant properties of a T1 How? Treatment has a high bulk Mody? The only advantage is the resistance a bit, set the first one attribute is better, the first two attributes a bit tasteless, the first three properties is waste. . . For bulk In addition to the old nine boxes on the shoulder MC other than Yao? Is it not we grab cloth installed? However, after the DLY equipment AQL treatment started to improve, there is a pure wild equipment, there is a balanced and recovery of bulk, as well as the whole attribute set, although still not as good as other professions, but also satisfies the operator, and T3 for the restoration of D BT is also quite the. T3 with a few other bulk sets of origin is indeed quite objective, level of equipment for no more than TQL's XD can never be regarded as high-end XD, after all, BWL and MC are great for some period of neutral gear and equipment. 1.2 updated more recently a relatively BT's equipment "Moonlight idol" Improving the fire damage on 17%, material is loaded blue for the wild D might be. Can be installed for the resumption of D is less than purple too, for the balance of D can even Artifact is as good as, how to say? ? On the talent, the balance of the 6th floor of talent, with a 5-point addition of only 10% of the damage, but there is an Artifact 17%-plus, perhaps you can say 10% of the gift is a spark is also effective, can be for a Balance D is still on fire using multi-use multi-Spark? ? 1 0 France at the injury injury-free gift-plus points on the fire injured 200 +, the total damage is 600 +, Artifact reflects the effect of time on the fire when the point of injury 234 + 700 + total damage, the effect on expression in order to increase fire injury to the highest 104 points. For a 500 Method D for the recovery of injuries, injuries on the fire point of 410 +, the total damage is 1100 +, statues reflect the effect of improving the fire damage on a maximum of 187 points. If it is a balanced D do? The balance point of injury 500 + D do? Even as the XD's I also think it is too BT, probably will continue to be undermined, right?
   For PK, I know relatively low level, after all, no 60 later I washed back to the wild or balance the D, how to deal with this kind of talent I can not personally practice of other professions, even if the money does not wash gift corresponding equipment. For equipment, the balance of D and D are fully capable of savagery and output professional fight injuries. To restore at least some of D can not be beat beat career.

   Based on the restoration D standpoint, XD, once into the fight, first of all need to know themselves and each other's strengths and weaknesses, and then determine the tactics. XD Of course, the wild, have more tactical options. If you do not know even its own strengths and weaknesses, or do not play, then on what basis you win? Even with the correct tactics, but no equipment is no good, and have read a Replies inside XD said: equipment was almost FS After the ice did not dare to Bianshen solutions,wow po afraid I might not blue, not even afraid XD Bianshen Blue equipment has been poor can not be used to describe, do you want to use an environmentally friendly equipment and others to play a BWL level and above? ? If this body and equipment can you win, I can only say that XD become BUG job the (opponent is super small white exception). BUG even been hailed as the SS, a green SS on a Spirit of skilled ice Austrian souls FS, the results of suspense Mody? Even suspect that SS can win BWL level and above what job, of course, except for small white.

   Now I would like to talk about I know XD advantage. First, its biggest advantage will be incarnations This way XD will be able to have some features in certain circumstances, be restricted for certain skills can also be used later to play a role in another kind of skill, for example, after the system could be counter - Change cat or bear interference, such as drinking Limited Invulnerability other drugs, you can also use on the fire, for example, when the other side to open invincible You can also add to their own blood. Second, XD has the advantage of wild speed, travel 40% increase, 30% of cats upgrading uniform 15% increase, this advantage even LR can not match, right? Third, XD incarnations can be immune deformation, can lift the restrictions on movement and deformation. The biggest drawback is Bianshen XD can not drink after the medicine (except for bird patterns), and blood, human form relatively weak, anti-blood little less. For the above advantages and disadvantages of the number of XD can be truly to heart into their subconscious mind. In addition to these there are other talents outside of the public benefits under the respective strengths to restore the biggest advantage of D in its effects as well as pairs of high instantaneous Canada, whose main skill is the rejuvenation and quick. Balance D has the advantage of powerful defense and magic damage, their main skills are on fire. Wild D advantage of powerful output and close combat melee defense capabilities, the main skills are destroyed, tearing, and hammering.
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