Someone once told me the thief broke the law is the strongest inside the arena 2V2, I laughed at the time, the strongest DPS could only belong to the same two occupations. Take pairs of France to talk about here.


1. Pairs of Law (Master + violent elements of traditional water ice Austrian law)

There are so many pairs of France to fight the food law are the water element method using a dual-fire or dual Austrian law, in fact, I can clearly tell you, the water element of violence in Austrian ice-ice method + method can spike outside except FS and QS any occupation, including a play dead of DZ, there may be food law asked me, people treat you as dead ah? NPC, ah, you make (I have a few techniques before someone posted that I play NPC, then I want to tell you, if you reach a certain awareness and operation of the realm, there is no difference between players and NPC). Two pairs of France up to give her the silent treatment silent 16 seconds (for a QS that can read the full article can be done), even if two dishes law, nor cancheap wow gold silence 8 seconds. 8 seconds to do? 8 seconds to spike anybody. Elaborate on the following steps.


A method steps (water element): the silent treatment - open-open jewelry rubbing the cold vein Frostbolt - Water Elemental remote NOVA-ice gun - to dissolve the water element - the element of water quenching re-call - Frostbolt - Remote NOVA-ice gun - fire red


The whole process began to count the time from the silence, silence does not occupy the public CD, time 2S +1.5 S +2 S +1.5 S = 7S 7S significantly less than pairs of strong sink 8S less damage volume (ice talent do not always ask me how thank you all-out burst), toughness, not for the moment, then the injury to

Frostbolt 3500 * 1700 * 2 + 2 + ice-gun fire red 1100 + Water BB Frostbolt * 4 = 14300


Method B Step (violence, Austrian ice): Austria-strong cold pulse jewelry rubbing Frostbolt - Gas will Frostbolt - the silent treatment - rub Frostbolt - Ice Gun


A simpler method than the steps, with a total time of 2S +1.5 S +2 S = 5.5S shorter time then the amount of harm it?


Is still out of ice talent, coupled with strong Austrian NB, injury of 5000 +5000 +5000 +2300 = 17300


17300 +14300 = 31600 before not consider toughness, it will have no toughness can play 31600 damage, I think even if you have 50% reduction in crit damage, you die like you? This is dead opposite a 2V2, but dual-method or full of blood, do you still lose? 30000 + within 8wow gold seconds of injury, in addition to pairs of law, no one did.


The essence of this tactic is that, out of the Austrian ice ice method is often difficult to maintain a person's ice ring, playing no explosive force, it will chill the use of a water element in FS, you can make up for this shortcoming, the basic sub-sub-out explosion. Thieves, too, is not the strongest combination of pairs of dark DPS step, nor is it double damage, but damage + dark steps.

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