Recent "Hunter ROLL dagger" incidents in the LR area caused a heated debate to comment on the article, the article is also endless, but most of these articles are critical of this from various angles LR, let me diving for many years, do not look back Players also have a Laiyueliangju. First, the original text did not say one thing, that is, there are five old ZAM 2 daggers, one is the + AP Penetration resistance, and the other to a Penetration + min AP, and a different dagger a direct impact on LR, demand for the dagger. Assume that out of my articles is + Min (original right vague, but seems to be able to see this dagger), and that LR needs of all I can say that he is very visionary. Incident LR needs to do this dagger has a few strong backing of:
The article referred to the team in the DZ have two very good weapons, look at the DZ paste friends, you should use their conscience that, ZAM the most suitable for DZ output is merciless and second child of the sword, as if they were the team DZ is holding wow gold As a ROLL group, he was out of this dagger, said after the first in the team where he wants, while the RL as the so-called "old players" also said: "then ROLL bar" and had not used his "experience" to discuss the ownership of the goods This ROLL out the high points than the DZ. Since it is a ROLL group, while the RL also agree that those who need 2 ROLL, at the same time two people have no objection, it should be determined ROLL point, so how can finally go back on X to the DZ. As other profession, if you have encountered such a situation, such ROLL group you dare not come. That dagger DZ Yao really needs first? You say he was out, I ask you now can see a couple holding a speed of 1.5 dagger stab people DZ, playing damage Mody? DZ of the JJC is now (-。-) strong sharp talent, FB output has a strong fighting talent, are based on the fine sword, and dagger more often just to occasionally look at nostalgia and show off the. What? You say sword dagger Z? Then I tell you, deputies dagger is used more drugs and stays on the property, so that one not to come to the role and the role of LR with a dagger almost begin?!
, LR in the end a number of requirements that a dagger? I tell those who do not understand LR's slip a message to the world's first, second winner of the Orange arch of LR are the pairs of holders of ZAM old five daggers. Why? They are low-end? The quality is still a problem, where they robbed from the DZ to come and collect them to show off in the SW Lane? If pairs of evil magic holds pairs of intellectual precision F (survival of the heap can also be sensitive F Unika) coated oil, take the flow of Sunder Armor LR enough to open up the road, then SW, only the pairs of holding Ma Lei Gou Sri Lanka's teeth can be changed. Can be illustrated by pairs of holding the dagger in this LR's main deputy, weapons and even reached the level of Black Temple graduate! DZ friends, then this knife that you can use how long? I think there are seconds or injured slightly higher levels of the sword with your dagger and put it warehouses must put it to rust out of the bar. As for the original author says that JJC route to go, he might know about this powerful dagger is not very deep, leading to misunderstandings. However, on the dagger itself is concerned, is the dream of many senior LR. So, I think, LR in various situations ROLL this dagger is a problem that does not have. The so-called old players (and I really respect the old players, object to is the total time for the fix to take a real little white) With their own impression of the great flow of DZ and the TBC pre-damage daggers Z shouted to come out to the powerful: Dagger should be the first demand for DZ. , I think you should keepwow gold up with the times of the ... to want to be a good a good RL, apart from the excellent conductor, sub-equipment, equitable, I think in the ROLL group also should be aware of each type of equipment for the various occupational roles, so as Buzhi Yu X is also holding the equipment is not as reasonable, said.
  As for the LR all the way back, I was a little disappointed, not to mention the games are for fun, no need for one or two things on how kind, except to say that LR should be a more appropriate way. If you really understand the benefits of daggers, you should get a proper explanation from the head, a fixed group, I would like to know if the head of the next one after a certain dagger that is you. Channel brush this kind of thing I would not dry. In many cases of people brush to brush it all boils down to the brush itself from rational arguments had not. I really would like to see friends of this article, whether you are LR, other occupations,
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